Ph.D. student Alessandro Cresci at Austevoll to conduct his field work!

April-June 2017 – Alessandro Cresci is here to work with us on swimming and orientation in glass eels. He will be working in our Magnetic Laboratory facility to assess how glass eels use the earth’s magnetic field as an orientation cue in their migrations. He will also test glass eel (and saithe larvae) swimming and orientation in the field using Drifting in situ Chambers (DISCs), developed by Professor Claire Paris and her colleagues at the University of Miami’s Physical-Biological Interactions Laboratory. Alessandro is a Ph.D. student from the University of Miami, being supervised by Professor Claire Paris and co-supervised by Caroline Durif, Howard Browman and Anne Berit Skiftesvik. His intense field and lab work is supported by Reidun Bjelland, Steve Shema and Cameron Thompson.

Alessandro inside the coils in the MagLab

Alessandro with a DISC