28 February – 2 March 2017 – A workshop on designing a data call for the European eel (WKEELDATA), Chaired by Caroline Durif, met in Rennes, France. The eel working group (WGEEL) relies on a variety of biological, catch and other impacts data from countries across this endangered species’ distribution range. This new data call, hosted by ICES, EIFAAC and GFCM, provides an opportunity to improve the advice for this single stock by including more countries. Workshop participants also made considerable progress towards the creation of a database that will refine and standardize data reporting and analyses. The group enjoyed a visit to the AFB-Inra field station (French Agency for Biodiversity) on the Oir River. Read more about the ICES WKEELDATA Group HERE.

WKEELDATA Group – 13 participants from 8 countries. Top row (left to right) = Alan Walker, Derek Evans, Estibaliz Diaz, Ciara O’Leary, Caroline Durif. Bottom row (left to right) = Laurent Beaulaton, Reinhold Hanel, Cedric Briand, Marko Freese, Tomasz Nermer, Håkan Wickström, Priit Bernotas, Russell Poole. (Photo courtesy of Alan Walker)


Glass ell marked with visible implant elastomer tags (Photo courtesy of Alan Walker)