Nordic Council of Ministers report on sustainable use of cleaner fish

7 December 2021 – Kim Halvorsen, Anne Berit Skiftesvik and Caroline Durif were part of the core writing team for this important report:

Halvorsen, K., A.B. Skiftesvik, C. Durif, E. Faust, H. Wennhage, C. André, J.L. Rønfeldt, P.R. Møller, H. Carl, T. Jørgensen, M. Quintela, N. Sandlund, L.H. Stien, K. Nedreaas, E. Jansson, H.H. Stockhausen, K. Korsnes, P. Reynolds, A. Imsland, I. Fyllingen, H. Bysheim, L. Henly & S. Mortensen. 2021. Towards a sustainable fishery and use of cleaner fish in salmonid aquaculture. Challenges and opportunities.
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