Howard Browman joins the Marine Stewardship Council’s Peer Review College Oversight Committee

19 November 2018 – Howard Browman was appointed to a three year term as an independent adviser  to the Marine Stewardship Council‘s (MSC) Peer Review College Oversight Committee. Among other activities, the MSC Fisheries Standard is used to assess if a fishery is well-managed and sustainable. The Standard reflects the most up-to-date understanding of internationally accepted fisheries science and management.
The MSC’s Peer Review College (PRC) was set up to enhance the consistency, independence, impartiality and efficiency of the peer review process used in MSC fishery assessments. The PRC Oversight Committee is broadly responsible for providing input to the College’s procedures and guidelines, and reviewing their operational implementation, including the quality and impartiality of peer reviews that are provided to conformity assessment bodies.

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