European Marine Board’s Working Group on underwater noise kicks off!

30 June 2020 – Alessandro Cresci has been appointed as a member of the European Marine Board’s (EMB) newly formed working group on underwater noise. This group, chaired by Dr. Frank Thomsen (DHI, Denmark) and co-chaired by Sonia Mendes (JNCC, UK), is populated by leading European experts on underwater noise.

The underwater noise working group published a position paper in 2008 entitled “The effects of anthropogenic sound on marine mammals: A draft research strategy”, which highlighted research gaps and provided advise to policy makers across Europe. The new working group’s objective is to update and expand this document to include the effects of underwater noise on other taxa, including fish and invertebrates, and to identify research gaps.

Alessandro will contribute to the group in his capacity as an EMB young ambassador and as an early career researcher working on this topic.