3-22 April 2023 – The team had a lot of visitors during this period to work on two projects; CRISPRESIST and NOLICE. The overall aim of these projects is to identify naturally produced compounds that are associated with Atlantic salmon susceptibility and resistance to parasitic sea lice and to develop tools that can be applied to boost Atlantic salmon resistance and reduce lice infestation in Norway. Our team is responsible for producing salmon lice copepodids and to assess their response to various compounds (attractants, repellents, semiochemicals) using our silhouette imaging system. Members of our team involved in the work were, Anne Berit Skiftesvik, Reidun Bjelland, Steve Shema, David Fields, Maura Niemisto and Howard Browman. Visiting us to conduct their own side experiments, were: Aleksei Krasnov, Sean Monaghan, Daniel Horton and Erik Selander.