Alessandro Cresci’s article on magnetic orientation in Atlantic haddock larvae gets covered by the news media

1 October 2019 – Whether tiny haddock larvae let themselves be carried around by ocean currents or actively migrate was unknown – until now. They use the earth’s magnetic field to orient! Check out our new article in iScience and some of the coverage that it is getting in the media.

Cresci, A., C.B. Paris, M.A. Foretich, C.M.F. Durif, S. Shema, C.J. E. O’Brien, F.B. Vikebø, A.B. Skiftesvik, & H.I. Browman. 2019. Atlantic haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) larvae have a magnetic compass that guides their orientation. iScience. 19, 27 September 2019, Pages 1173-1178,
doi: 10.1016/j.isci.2019.09.001.
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