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Bailey, A., P. de Wit, P. Thor, H.I. Browman, R.M. Bjelland, S. Shema, D.M. Fields, J.A. Runge, C. Thompson & H. Hop. 2017. Regulation of gene expression underpins tolerance of the Arctic copepod Calanus glacialis to increased pCO2. Ecology and Evolution (in press).

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Browman, H.I. 2017. Towards a broader perspective on ocean acidification research. ICES Journal of Marine Science (in press).

Cresci, A, C.B. Paris, C.M.F. Durif, S. Shema, R. Bjelland, A.B. Skiftesvik & H.I. Browman. Glass eel (Anguilla anguilla) have a magnetic compass linked to the tidal cycle. Science Advances (under review).

Halvorsen, K.T., T.K. Sørdalen, L.A. Vøllestad, A.B. Skiftesvik, S.H. Espeland & E.M. Olsen. 2017. Sex- and size-selective harvesting of corkwing wrasse (Symphodus melops) cleaner fish in salmonid aquaculture. ICES Journal of Marine Science 74: 660-669.
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Hidalgo, M., C.B. Paris, J. Watson, D.M. Kaplan & H.I. Browman. 2017. Beyond ocean connectivity. ICES Journal of Marine Science (in press).

Key, B. R. Arlinghaus, H.I. Browman, S.J. Cooke, I.G. Cowx, B.K. Diggles, J.D. Rose, W. Sawynok, A. Schwab, A.B. Skiftesvik, E.D. Stevens & C.A. Watson. 2017. Problems with equating thermal preference with “emotional fever” and sentience. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 284: 20160681.
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Lerner, A., R. Shmulevitz, H.I. Browman & N. Shashar. 2017. Visual sensitivity and spatial resolution of the planktivorous fish, Atherinomorus forskalii (Atherinidae; Rüppell, 1838), to a polarized grating. Vision Research 131: 37-43.
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Link, J.S. & H.I. Browman. 2017. Operationalizing ecosystem-based management. ICES Journal of Marine Science 74: 379-381.
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Pechenik, J.A., C. Diederich, H.I. Browman & A. Jelmert. 2017. Fecundity of the invasive marine gastropod Crepidula fornicata at the northern extreme of its range. Invertebrate Biology. (in press).


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