Howard Browman serves as external examiner at Ph.D. defense

17 January 2017 – Howard Browman travelled to the Research Institute in Semiochemistry and Applied Ethology (IRSEA) in Apt, France, to act as one of two external examiners for the Ph.D. defense of Cyril Delfosse. The other examiner was Professor Donald Broom from Cambridge University. The thesis was entitled, “Methods for stress assessment and management in farmed salmonids: sanitary, zootechnical and environmental implications”. It was submitted to the Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. A large part of the work dealt with identifying a pheromone that reduces the attachment of the parasitic salmon louse onto its salmon host (the “Sealice Copepodid Attachment Inhibitor Semiochemical”), and this may lead to a future collaboration between IRSEA and us!

Howard Browman debating with Cyril Delfosse