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Howard Browman at the European Food Safety Authority

11-12 May 2017 – Howard Browman was Program Moderator  for the animal consciousness sub-program, and a Scientific Expert, at the Annual Meeting of the European Food Safety Authority‘s Annual Animal Health and Welfare Network Meeting, Parma, Italy. Read the executive summary of the document on animal consciousness HERE, and the complete document HERE.

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High-level delegation tours the lab!

21 April 2017: Howard Browman, Anne Berit Skiftesvik, David Fields and Alessandro Cresci showed the lab, and explained our projects, to Per Sandberg (Norwegian Minister of Fisheries) and Shuping Zhi (Chinese Minister of Veterinary Issues).  

The team’s recent (= 2017) publications

2017 Bailey, A., P. Thor, H.I. Browman, D.M. Fields, J.A. Runge, A. Vermont, R. Bjelland, C. Thompson, S. Shema, C.M.F. Durif & H. Hop. 2017. The early life stages of the Arctic copepod Calanus glacialis are unaffected by increased seawater pCO2. ICES Journal of Marine Science 74: 996-1004.Read the paper Bailey, A., P. de Wit, P. Thor, H.I. Browman, R.M. …

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Ph.D. student Alessandro Cresci at Austevoll to conduct his field work!

April-June 2017 – Alessandro Cresci is here to work with us on swimming and orientation in glass eels. He will be working in our Magnetic Laboratory facility to assess how glass eels use the earth’s magnetic field as an orientation cue in their migrations. He will also test glass eel (and saithe larvae) swimming and orientation in the field using …

Visiting researcher from China

28 March 2017 – Bin Kang, from the Fishery College of Jimei University in Xiamen, China, will be visiting with us for three weeks this spring in order to plan a longer collaborative visit sometime in the near future.

Howard Browman wins award

22 March 2017 – Howard Browman was awarded the Institute of Marine Research’s best weekly seminar award (2016) for his lecture, “Where has all the recruitment research gone?”.  The lecture was based on this article, Rice, J. & H.I. Browman. 2014. Where has all of the recruitment research gone, long time passing? ICES Journal of Marine Science 71: 2293-2299. Click HERE …


28 February – 2 March 2017 – A workshop on designing a data call for the European eel (WKEELDATA), Chaired by Caroline Durif, met in Rennes, France. The eel working group (WGEEL) relies on a variety of biological, catch and other impacts data from countries across this endangered species’ distribution range. This new data call, hosted by ICES, EIFAAC and …

Visiting researcher from Chile

February-May 2017 – Gustavo Núñez-Acuña, a Ph.D. student with Dr. Cristian Gallardo-Escárate at the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Aquatic Genomics, Interdisciplinary Center for Aquaculture Research, University of Concepción, Concepción, Chile, is visiting us for 3 months to collaborate on physiological and behavioural responses of salmon lice to host-specific chemical attractants.

Lumpfish working group meeting

7-9 February 2017 – The working group on lumpfish (WGlump) was hosted by Caroline Durif, in Bekkjarvik, Austevoll, Norway. Participants were Rasmus Hedeholm (Greenland Institute of Natural Ressources, Greenland), James Kennedy (Marine Research Institute, Iceland), Halldor Olafsson (BioPol, Iceland), and Johanne Gauthier (DFO, Canada). The group discussed recent updates on lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) research and compared the different methods of assessments of …

Globalization of fisheries conference

3-5 February 2017 – Howard Browman participated in the conference, Globalization of fisheries: The prevalence, actors, ecological impact and regulation of illegal fishing at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), in Texel. View the conference program, HERE.

Howard Browman serves as external examiner at Ph.D. defense

17 January 2017 – Howard Browman travelled to the Research Institute in Semiochemistry and Applied Ethology (IRSEA) in Apt, France, to act as one of two external examiners for the Ph.D. defense of Cyril Delfosse. The other examiner was Professor Donald Broom from Cambridge University. The thesis was entitled, “Methods for stress assessment and management in farmed salmonids: sanitary, zootechnical …

ISOACC-2 – Hong Kong

5-9 December 2016: Howard Browman, Anne Berit Skiftesvik, Caroline Durif, David Fields and Steve Shema participated in the Second interdisciplinary symposium on ocean acidification and climate change (ISOACC-2) at the University of Hong Kong. Howard presented two talks: “Applying organized skepticism in ocean acidification research” and “Fake news: the real life dangers of over-interpreting your results” and also summarized the conference. David …


15-18 November 2016 – Howard Browman and Anne Berit Skiftesvik participated in the 2016 conference of the European College of Laboratory Animal Medicine and the European Society for Laboratory Animal Veterinarians . The theme of the conference was the welfare of animals used for research. Howard was invited to deliver a keynote lecture on the “Challenges of aquatic animal welfare”. …