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These web pages present an overview of the research activity being conducted at the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research by Howard Browman, Anne Berit Skiftesvik, Caroline Durif, Reidun Bjelland, David Fields, and our students, Post-Doctoral Associates, Research Associates, and Collaborators. We also provide some general information on the early life stages of marine fish and shellfish, and links to other web pages that might be useful to those interested in such matters (under the RESOURCES menu item).

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Latest News

ISOACC-2 - Hong Kong

5-9 December 2016: Howard Browman, Anne Berit Skiftesvik, Caroline Durif, David Fields and Steve Shema participated in the Second interdisciplinary symposium on ocean acidification and climate change (ISOACC-2) at the University of Hong Kong. Howard presented two talks: “Applying organized skepticism in ocean acidification research” and “Fake news: the real life dangers of over-interpreting your results” and also summarized the conference. David presented the poster, “End of the century CO2 concentrations do not have a negative effect on vital rates of Calanus finmarchicus, an ecologically critical planktonic species in North Atlantic ecosystems.”



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The team's recent (=2016 + 2017) publications


Bailey, A., P. Thor, H.I. Browman, D.M. Fields, J.A. Runge, A. Vermont, R. Bjelland, C. Thompson, S. Shema, C.M.F. Durif & H. Hop. 2017. The early life stages of the Arctic copepod Calanus glacialis are unaffected by increased seawater pCO2. ICES Journal of Marine Science.
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Bailey, A., P. de Wit, P. Thor, H.I. Browman, R.M. Bjelland, S. Shema, D.M. Fields, J.A. Runge, C. Thompson & H. Hop. Regulation of gene expression underpins tolerance of the Arctic copepod Calanus glacialis to increased pCO2. Molecular Ecology (under review).

Browman, H.I. 2017. Quo vadimus-redux. ICES Journal of Marine Science 74: 1-2.
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Cresci, A, C.B. Paris, C.M.F. Durif, S. Shema, R. Bjelland, A.B. Skiftesvik & H.I. Browman. Glass eel (Anguilla anguilla) have a magnetic compass linked to the tidal cycle. Science Advances (under review).

Halvorsen, K.T., T.K. Sørdalen, L.A. Vøllestad, A.B. Skiftesvik, S.H. Espeland & E.M. Olsen. 2017. Sex- and size-selective harvesting of corkwing wrasse (Symphodus melops) cleaner fish in salmonid aquaculture. ICES Journal of Marine Science.
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Hidalgo, M., C.B. Paris, J. Watson, D.M. Kaplan & H.I. Browman. 2017. Beyond ocean connectivity. ICES Journal of Marine Science (in press).

Key, B. R. Arlinghaus, H.I. Browman, S.J. Cooke, I.G. Cowx, B.K. Diggles, J.D. Rose, W. Sawynok, A. Schwab, A.B. Skiftesvik, E.D. Stevens & C.A. Watson. 2017. Problems with equating thermal preference with “emotional fever” and sentience. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 284: 20160681.
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Lerner, A., R. Shmulevitz, H.I. Browman & N. Shashar. 2017. Visual sensitivity and spatial resolution of the planktivorous fish, Atherinomorus forskalii (Atherinidae; Rüppell, 1838), to a polarized grating. Vision Research 131: 37-43.
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Link, J.S. & H.I. Browman. 2017. Operationalizing ecosystem-based management. ICES Journal of Marine Science 74: 379-381.
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Pechenik, J.A., C. Diederich, H.I. Browman & A. Jelmert. 2017. Fecundity of the invasive marine gastropod Crepidula fornicata at the northern extreme of its range. Invertebrate Biology. (in press).


Aksnes, D.W. & H.I. Browman. 2016. An overview of global research effort in fisheries science. ICES Journal of Marine Science 73: 1004-1011.
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Bogevik, A.S., Kousoulaki, K., Skiftesvik, A.B.,  Opstad, I. 2016. Fish meal quality, and ethoxiquin effects on larvae weaning performance of cleaner fish Ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta). Aquaculture Nutrition 22: 46-50.
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Browman, H.I. 2016. Applying organized scepticism to ocean acidification research. ICES Journal of Marine Science 73: 529-536.
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Browman, H.I. (Ed.) 2016. Towards a broader perspective on ocean acidification research. ICES Journal of Marine Science 73 (3).
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Halvorsen, K.T., T.K. Sørdalen, C.M.F. Durif, H. Knutsen, E.M. Olsen, A.B. Skiftesvik, T.E. Rustand, R.M. Bjelland & L.A. Vøllestad. 2016. Male biased sexual size dimorphism in the nest building corkwing  wrasse (Symphodus melops): implications for a size regulated fishery. ICES Journal of Marine Science 73: 2586-2594.
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Hidalgo, M, D.H. Secor & H.I. Browman (Eds). 2016. Seascape Ecology. ICES Journal of Marine Science 73(7).
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Hidalgo, M, D. Secor & H.I. Browman. 2016. Seascape ecology: linking synoptic oceanography, ecological processes, and geospatial modeling. ICES Journal of Marine Science 73: 1825-1830.
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Key, B.R., Arlinghaus & H.I. Browman. 2016. Insects cannot tell us anything about subjective experience or the origin of consciousness. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, USA. In press.
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Lerner, A. & H.I. Browman. 2016. The copepod Calanus spp. (Calanidae) is repelled by polarized light. Scientific Reports 6: 35891, doi:10.1038/srep35891.
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Loew, E.R., A.B. Skiftesvik, R. Bjelland, H.I. Browman & C. Durif. 2016. Spectral sensitivity and contrast potentials for four species of cleaner fish. Institute of Marine Research Report No. 39-2016. 12 pp.
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Quintela, M., E.A. Danielsen, L. Lopez, R. Barreiro, T. Svåsand, H. Knutsen, A.B. Skiftesvik & K.A. Glover. 2016. Is the ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta) two species? Genetic analysis reveals within-species divergence associated with plain and spotted morphotype frequencies. Integrative Zoology 11: 162-172.
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Runge, J.A., D.M. Fields, C. Thompson, S. Shema, R.M. Bjelland, C.M.F. Durif, A.B. Skiftesvik & H.I. Browman. 2016. End of the century CO2 concentrations do not have a negative effect on vital rates of Calanus finmarchicus, an ecologically critical planktonic species in North Atlantic ecosystems. ICES Journal of Marine Science 73: 937-950.
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Stevens, E.D., R. Arlinghaus, H.I. Browman, S.J. Cooke, I.G. Cowx, B.K. Diggles, B. Key, J.D. Rose, W. Sawynok, A. Schwab, A.B. Skiftesvik, C.A. Watson & C.D.L. Wynne. 2016. Stress is not pain. Biology Letters 12: 20151006.
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Zarubin, M., Y. Lindemann, O. Brunner, D.M. Fields, H.I. Browman and A. Genin. 2016. The effect of hydrostatic pressure on grazing in three calanoid copepods. Journal of Plankton Research 38: 131-138.
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15-18 November 2016 – Howard Browman and Anne Berit Skiftesvik participated in the 2016 conference of the European College of Laboratory Animal Medicine and the European Society for Laboratory Animal Veterinarians . The theme of the conference was the welfare of animals used for research. Howard was invited to deliver a keynote lecture on the “Challenges of aquatic animal welfare”. The meeting program can be viewed HERE.


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Lend your support to the "eeluminium" crowdfunding initiative

7 November 2016: An exciting crowdfunding campaign – “Eeluminium”  – has been launched. Eight researchers from Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Norway (Caroline Durif) are developing a project to look into the effect of aluminum in the decline of the European eel. Once very abundant in European rivers, the eel population dramatically declined by more than 90% so that eels are now considered as critically endangered. The causes of this rapid decline are unknown. Our recent data point to a new possible cause: aluminum.  We need your support for analyzing aluminum content of eel ear bones (otoliths) collected over the last 100 years as to validate this hypothesis. If proved true, this could serve as basis for developing effective means for restoring the eel population.  Any donation, even very small, could contribute to our project, and finance costly analyses using laser-ablation based inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry.


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Trapping salmon lice?

30 September 2016 – Our long-term project to use the sensory ecology of host finding in the free-living life stages of the salmon louse to break their link to the host using a trap is reported on by KYST.NO – read the article HERE.


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Sea Lice 2016 conference

17-22 September 2016 – Howard Browman, Anne Berit Skiftesvik and Reidun Bjelland participated in the Sea Lice 2016 conference in Westport, Ireland. We presented the following work at the conference:

Browman H.I., D.M. Fields & A.B. Skiftesvik. The sensory ecology of host finding in the free-living life history stages of the salmon louse, Lepeophtheirus salmonis. (Oral presentation)

Bjelland, R.M., A.B. Skiftesvik, H.I. Browman & C.M.F. Durif. The delousing efficiency of different species of cleanerfish, used alone and in various combinations. (Oral presentaiton)

Skiftesvik, A.B., E.R. Loew, R.M. Bjelland, C.M.F. Durif, S. Shema, D.M. Fields & H.I. Browman. Spectral sensitivity of cleanerfish. (Poster presentation – click HERE to download the poster).

For information about the conference, click HERE.


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ices annual science conference 2016

19-23 September 2016 – Howard Browman participated in the ICES Annual Science Conference in Riga, Latvia. Howard was involved in several aspects of the conference, including the annual meeting of the Publications and Communications Group,  a Publishing Skills workshop for early career scientists,  the meeting of national fishery institute Communication Department Directors,  and the annual meeting of the ICES Journal of Marine Science editorial board. Information about the conference can be found HERE.


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gordon research conference - ocean global change biology

17-22 July 2016 – Howard Browman and Anne Berit Skiftesvik participated in the Gordon Research Conference on Ocean Global Change Biology in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, USA. Click on the link to view the program.


Conference participants – Click HERE for the identification list.

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Ditchley Foundation Conference - Can the Earth Still Sustain Us?

16-18 June 2016 – Howard Browman participated in The Ditchley Foundation Conference, Can the Earth Still Sustain Us? Biodiversity, resources and pollution. The conference was held at Ditchley Park in Oxfordshire, UK. Participants included Britain’s Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Environment and Rural Affairs, representatives from UNESCO, The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Trusts, the industry/finance sector, environmental NGOs… Read a summary of the discussions and conclusions HERE.

Ditchley 1000

Ditchley Castle, Ditchley Park, Oxfordshire, UK

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Stord cleanerfish conference 2016

16 June 2016 – Caroline Durif gave a talk, co-authored by Anne Berit Skiftesvik and Reidun Bjelland, on the behavior of wrasse used as cleanerfish on salmon farms. The talk was presented at the cleanerfish conference (aqKva rensefisk) in Stord, Norway at which there were over 100 participants from the salmon industry.

Caroline presenting the talk

Caroline presenting the talk

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